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$39.99 (Each in box of six)
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Winery Tasting Notes:

This White wine from Bourgogne, renowned as being arguably the best region in the world for its wines, has 31 mentions of tree fruit notes (green apple, apple). See reviews and pricing for this wineLa Cave D'Augustin Florent Bourgogne Chablis

 Chablis is one of the “purest” expressions of the varietal Tasting: Character of Chardonnay, because of the simple style of winemaking favoured in this region.

The nose displays notes of honey, ripe white and dried fruit, leading into a wide array of flavours on the pallet. The mouth feel is full and smooth, harmonising perfectly with the fresh vein of minerality. Pure and unpretentious.

The Wine:

Burgundy is a historical territory and a former administrative region of east-central France. It takes its name from the Burgundians, an East Germanic people who moved westwards beyond the Rhine during the late Roman period. Historically, the name Burgundy has denoted numerous political entities, including kingdoms and duchies spanning territory from the Mediterranean to the Low Countries. Geographically speaking, since the inception of the French departmental system in 1790, the name refers to the geographic area comprising the four departments of Côte-d'Or, Saône-et-Loire, Yonne, and Nièvre. In 2016 Burgundy and Franche-Comté were merged for administrative purposes into the new region of Bourgogne-Franche-Comté.

Grape Varieties:


Other Information:

Please note: Vintage may vary when delivered. We do our best to ensure the current vintage is displayed as soon as available, but variations can occur.

  • NV
  • 6 x 750mL units
  • FRA -Bouches de Rhone, Imported
  • Cork closure
  • 12.5%. Alcohol Content:
  • Serve between 16 to 18 Degrees